You pedal hard, against all elements, an unstoppable force. Break. Unclip. Your heart pumps so loud you can’t hear your own breath, a respite from the noise of the road. In this moment, you are free. Treasure the ritual.

Within the iconic DELTA family is the brilliant VZUM™ LEI lens, adapted to the shapes and sizes of a smaller facial structure. The total weight of the DELTA LEI is 23gr (3gr lighter than the classic DELTA frame and lens combination), ideal for long wear across a variety of terrain and multiple disciplines. Lighter glasses with a tailored fit, maintaining the same performance characteristics such as internal ventilation, visual coverage and eye protection. The material of the frames is Tr90, made from nylon and carbon fiber, organically compatible and safe to the skin, even after a prolonged use. 20% lighter than other conventional materials, offering the ultimate protection against crashes and tractions. Stay focused on your performance without interference.

Delta Lei

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