When it comes to floor pumps, there’s no need to compromise between performance and durability.

Offering the most complete range of floor pumps on the market, Lezyne prides itself on being the leader in intelligent inflation, offering the perfect pump for every tire and cycling discipline. Find your peak cycling performance through the precision offered by oversized and highly-accurate gauges, available in both analog and digital formats.

Before leaving our in-house production facility, each and every pump goes through rigorous quality control procedures, ensuring that every single floor pump is operating at maximum performance and accuracy.
To top it off, all of our pumps are completely serviceable and rebuildable. If something wears down, breaks, or gets lost, there’s no need to buy an entirely new pump—we’ve got a replacement part for you.


Featuring advanced materials and precision build quality, our line of bike mini pumps offers a wide range of options for all road, gravel and mountain bike applications. Innovative engineering maximizes pumping efficiency while ingenious designs keep sizes compact while bringing more functionality to the category than ever before. From our game-changing ABS Flex Hose that offers simplified pumping action and superior ergonomics—and compatibility with both Presta and Schrader valves—to additional options like high-precision digital gauges and more, our latest lineup of hand pumps has raised the bar—again.


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