A cycling legend reloaded

Ride with pure comfort and reap the sweat-wicking benefits of Blue Tech padding. Stay cool with an optimised ventilation system, designed to increase airflow. Top it off with an iconic tail, signature front lines and classic rounded lower shell in one of six eye-catching colors.



Top it all off with an iconic design:

signature front lines and a classic rounded lower shell, in one of six eye-catching colors for maximum impact.

  1. Iconic tail design.
  2. Signature front lines.
  3. Classic rounded lower shell.



Safer than ever, the new Mojito3 passes the KASK WG11 test and surpasses European safety standards by 48%, allowing you to ride with added peace of mind.

4.Up To 32% Improvement on Rear Impact.

   Up To 25% Improvement on Front Impact.

   Up To 12% Improvement on Top Impact.




Reap the benefits of riding with sweat-wicking Blue Tech padding and an optimised ventilation system, with extra large vents, helping you to stay cool at all times.

5.Octo Fit retention system for ergonomic comfort.

6.Blue Tech padding for superior cushioning.

7.Continued superior ventilation.

8.230 g (M size).


Mojito 3

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