When searching for the best bicycle saddle, the relationship between a rider and their machine starts with a solid foundation, the saddle. As that foundation, fizik performance racing saddles are meticulously researched and refined, leveraging over two decades of expertise in the lab, as well as first-hand experience on the roads and trails. Fizik saddles lead the industry in innovation for riders who lead the pack.

As a cyclist’s most sensitive point of contact, a properly fitting bike seat can mean the difference between a good or bad ride, going the distance or stopping short—in short, winning or losing. Our full range of men’s and women’s cycling saddles are engineered to perform with discipline-specific designs as well as a choice of widths and profiles suited to match the varying body types and riding positions of individual cyclists.

Developed together with our team of engineers, experts and professional athletes, whether climbing on pavement or descending on dirt, fizik saddles establish a comfortable and responsive experience, from our road collection of lightweight saddles to our range of gravel and MTB saddles for off-road adventures and our triathlon series of saddles for mixed-discipline athletes.

Driven by innovations such as our proprietary Wingflex, designed to adapt to a rider’s inner-leg movement for an unrestricted range of motion, or our durable Kium alloy and braided-carbon single-rail systems, every fizik bike saddle is developed with and for the men and women who move the sport forward, one pedal stroke at a time.

Each fizik product series represents a cycling attitude, a riding experience we deliver through unique products.


Fine-tune your riding set-up for distance and speed with our complete Road Cycling range of supportive saddles, streamlined, responsive shoes, and more.


  • RACING series designed in collaboration with professional cyclists.


  • ROAD series designed to provide the most enjoyable and versatile riding experience


  • GRAVITY series designed to take you down the mountain fast and in control.


  • ALL-TERRAIN series designed to take you beyond your boundaries


TRIATHLON series designed for uncompromised cycling performance and efficient transitions


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