In designing our saddles for the road bike sector we left nothing to chance: lightness combined with reliability , comfort for the various pedaling styles, the shaping designed to adapt to the various male and female anatomical conformations.

carbon is the main component of our saddles for road bike saddles.
Thanks to the autoclave processing we have increased the resistance and the lightness of the material, so as to make the saddles resistant and non-deformable . Repente saddles, in fact, do not change their shape over time, an inconvenience that would produce joint problems and annoying pain in the saddle.

Quality reigns supreme in Repente road bike saddles

Repente has always been a byword for racing saddles: our mission is to create products for the most demanding cyclists, who have come to expect and appreciate the best quality in construction concepts, materials and technologies.

In designing our saddles for the racing industry, we have left nothing to chance: light weight combined with reliability, comfort for different riding styles, shaping designed to adapt to male and female anatomical structures.

Carbon fibre is the main component of our racing bike saddles. Thanks to autoclave processing we have increased the strength and lightness of this material, in order to make our saddles sturdy and non-deformable. The Repente saddles do not change their shape over time, which would cause joint and groin discomfort to the cyclist.

We have improved comfort all around: from the pressure easing zones to protect the prostate area to anatomical ischiatic supports, from the supported front of the saddle to the control of sideways swaying. In our product range you will find seats of different sizes, with flat, semi-flat and round profiles.

All our designs are the result of in-depth studies, carried out in collaboration with qualified biomechanical experts and with valuable feedback from professional sports teams to which we are factory sponsors. We share the same goal: to make you feel better in the saddle, make you ride faster, and make you love your bike more and more.


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