A lightweight, breathable short glove optimized to give accurate feedback from the bike and to support hand comfort in hotter weather.

An ideal choice for hotter summer days, the Agile Short Glove combines a lightweight and highly breathable mesh back with a thin and highly ventilated palm to help ensure sweaty palms don't ruin your comfort and control. A silicone print at the base of each finger aids grip, and a terrycloth nosewipe on the thumb makes it easy to wipe the sweat away.

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Breathable lightweight mesh

A breathable and lightweight 4-way stretch mesh gives a close and comfortable fit, as well as ventilation.

Ventilated palm

A perforated fabric palm with a reinforced zone gives good contact with the bike while providing ventilation.

Finger pull tab

Pull tabs between the middle fingers make it easier to get the gloves off.

Silicone print

Tabs of silicone print on the palm of the hand give extra grip and control.

Nose wipe

Terrycloth nose wipe on the thumb.

POC Glove

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