At CycleVio we utilize a cutting-edge measuring system that follows a rigorous scientific approach in order to ensure our customers receive a precise and reliable bike fit and ultimately the highest level of comfort and performance.

The idmatch Analysis System is an innovative analysis software that, thanks to dynamic 3D scanning, allows us to analyze the cyclist while pedaling, studying angles of movement and angular velocities without the need to apply any physical markers which can be time-consuming, disruptive and uncomfortable.

The idmatch Analysis System allows us to process possible fitting solutions by modifying the Smart Bike setting in real-time.

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Why Bike Fitting?

Anyone who plans to spend any length of time (more than 8km ride) riding a bike will benefit greatly from a bike fitting:

Usually frames are made according to European or Western body geometry instead of Asian body geometry

All sorts of cyclist: New, beginner, intermediate, triathlon, women, etc.

For road, mountain bike (MTB), track, folding and hybrid bikes; We accept any bicycles regardless of brands (I.e. Merida, Giant, Trek, etc.) or where it was bought

Improve overall rider comfort and efficiency

Reduce back, knee, neck or wrist pain

Reduce saddle discomfort, hands, fingers or genital numbness

Bike Fitting Session at CycleVio

Bike fitting conducted by an experienced, professional trained bike fitter who is also a cyclist and mechanic with professional bicycle tools, equipment, eyes and spirit level

One-on-one personalise session which takes up to 1 hours only 

WE CHANGE THE BIKE TO FIT TO YOU; Fitting is all about your bicycle interfacing properly with your body and riding goals, not the other way around


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