How to Choose a Bike seat?

bike saddle is usually termed a bicycle seat. It is one of five junction points on a bicycle, the others being the two pedals and the two handles on the handlebars. The bike saddle has been recognized as such since the bicycle developed from the draisine, a precursor of the bicycle. The saddle bike seat is constructed to protect your perineum, the region within the sit bones, through which cross a plethora of nerves and arteries. This saddle bike seat decreases or excludes the material in the center of the saddle, both relieving force on the perineum and giving airflow and convenience during lengthy drives.

Mountain Bike Saddle

Mountain bike saddles are intended to have a slimmer form to enable the cyclist to move around the saddle for professional track segments. While some saddles will have smooth ends, mountain bike saddles are curved so that slack shorts wont snag when reverting to a pedaling condition from a descending condition.

Road Bike Saddle

A well fitting road bike saddle will place your weight on your sit bones without pressing the delicate tissue sections. Particularly when turning the pelvis forward, as road cyclists usually will. You can buy a perfect road bike saddle from SpecializedErgonBrooks EnglandWTBSelle Italia.

Tips to Choose a Bike Seat

1. Choose the saddle with the right shape. The shape of the saddle depends upon two factors: one gender and type of cycling. So choose your saddle shape according to your gender and the type of cycling you do.
2. Choose a saddle that satisfies your riding position and reduces the pressure on crucial parts of your body.
3. The width of your saddle depends on the gap between your sit bones. By estimating this, you can find accurately which saddle is most suitable for you.


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