Zipp has been making some of the fastest bike wheels and accompanying bike accessories for decades. Since the release of their first carbon fiber disc wheel in 1988, the company has been all about making products that move bikes quickly. Today the company has grown to become one of the most respected and desirable cycling brands in the world. The brand is trusted by professional athletes in triathlon, cyclocross, and in all varieties of road racing. They continue to produce carbon wheels, but now include items like handlebars, stems, and seat posts.


Zipp’s Firecrest wheelsets have been around for a number of years now and remain at the pinnacle of bike wheel technology. The wheelsets in this range are designed for variable conditions, much like you face out on the road or off of it. Because of the versatility offered in the range, it’s the choice of pros in cobbled classics and cyclocross races alike.

They’re available as the Firecrest 202, 303, or 404 depending on your appetite for rim depth and weight. The most recent iteration brings the series into line with the modern cycling trends of disc brakes and tubeless too.


The NSW series incorporates some of Indianapolis-based company’s most advanced technologies for making cyclists travel faster. Available in varying depths of rims, up to a whopping 82mm with the 808 version, these wheels are built for speed. Though a fairly recent wheelset, the distinctive Sawtooth rim profile has quickly led to them becoming an icon. But this is not merely a cosmetic feature, the shape of the rim increases aerodynamic efficiency and stability in crosswinds. Additionally, the unique rim shape aids in keeping the weight low and strength high, making them responsive for quick accelerations and confidence building when travelling on imperfect roads.

Tubeless and disc brake options are now available, too. With disc brakes you can be assured of strong stopping power, come rain or shine. Tubeless, not only offers the benefit of limiting the effect of punctures, but also means the wheel makers have been able to soften the transition between tire and rim, improving the aerodynamics of the wheel.


The XPLR range is the company’s first wheelset for the gravel market. Utilizing their experience building wheels that are strong, light, and fast Zipp have engineered a product that is durable and controllable across difficult terrain. If it’s an adventure wheel you seek, then look no further than one of the most trusted brands in the industry.


Zipp don’t only talk the talk with the claims of the quality of their products, they walk the walk. On all their products they offer a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind for years to come.


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