Pinarello was born out of a passion for racing and our bikes have helped the sport’s greatest athletes redefine the limits of performance. So, whether you want to hunt every KOM or launch an audacious attack when your rivals least expect it, these bikes will take you further and faster than you ever thought possible because each one is a natural born winner



This is the culmination of all of our skill and experience, a masterpiece of engineering that offers advancements in handling, comfort, and aerodynamics all wrapped in a package that can climb, descend, and sprint with equal flair. Whatever the road throws at you, the DOGMA F is always the right bike.



These bikes inspire confidence by delivering the comfort and control you need to conquer the road. Built with the  same DNA as our Tour de France winning machines, our Endurance range is designed for long days in the saddle and the kind of exciting rides that make unforgettable memories. Unlock your full potential and get the most out every ride on a bike that stirs emotions and fires up your spirit of adventure



When you dream of going further than legs alone will carry you, we’ve got you covered. Our e-bikes combine Pinarello’s iconic design traits, superior handling, and industry-leading aerodynamic knowledge with powerful motors that will make you unstoppable. 

Racing Green

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