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Gregarius Cargo Adventure Bib Shorts

The all-rounder for every riding occasion, no matter what the distance or intensity, is designed for the most adventurous of cycling activities in all environments and climates.


Q36.5 Gregarius Cargo Adventure bib shorts Ideal for any bike output, regardless of distance or intensity. It is designed for more adventurous cycling activities in all climatic environments and conditions. This dungarees has new extra pockets that provide not only additional space but also protection. In the event of a fall, the pockets also act as extra protection, scrolling over the underlying tissue in order to avoid skin clutches.

  • Extra Value Power Mesh ™: We have inserted an Extra Value Power Mesh insert on quadriceps that creates a second external pocket useful for various needs, such as to comfortably carry a gel or a bar during your output.
  • Extra invisible rear pocket: an additional minimal pocket over lumbar support is invisible when not used.
  • New pre-format and ergonomic cut: as a result of research in the field of ergogenic support, this new version has a constructive development similar to the elite dungarees, based on the principle of using the lowest possible stitching number in a strategic way, in order to improve the pedaling support.
  • C-Interface: introduction of a new owner model for the horse area, in order to improve the interface between the saddle and the bottom. The redesign of the inguinal area was made possible by our innovative model that eliminates the central seams that normally create pressure and discomfort while in the saddle. The new model replicates the contact surface of the saddle and is made with a fabric that is naturally adapted to the different type of saddles.
  • Anti Stress Cutting: A proprietary cut for the genital area, allowing greater freedom of movement and increase the comfort of the pelvic area.
  • FOLDITURE FOLDING Leg Proprietaria: no problematic zone and less pressure, thanks to the live cut on the bottom leg, free of silicone, which keeps the trousers in position. The uncomfortable elastic legs leg and silicone prints are problems of the past.
  • UF KNIT 44 ECO: A new detemptible owner fabric with 44 gauge constructive density (44 points per cm2). By providing greater muscle support with a reduced weight of 200g, increasing robustness and offers greater UV protection and deflection of sunlight (1,5 ° C less than a similar black coloring fabric). Made entirely with 100% yarns coming from recycled sources, both for polyamide and as regards the elastane.
  • New braces construction system: light and breathable.
  • Super Molded anatomical bottom - more anatomical - extra padding - better humidity management. It offers a complete support for workouts, races and long distances.
  • Panel for lumbar support: a high density elastic shuttle fabric has been used with the silver yarn inside in order to actively work to increase stability and alignment of the body during pedaling.
  • colour: Black.
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